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Protect Your Property From Erosion

We install retaining walls in Anamosa, IA and the surrounding area

Erosion can significantly alter the state of your property. If you want to keep dirt and grass in their place, call us. We install retaining walls in Anamosa and Springville, IA. Our strong concrete walls will make sure soil stays put, especially in sloped areas.

Before the next storm hits, call Minger Mowing & Landscaping, Inc. We'll put any worries you have about property erosion to rest.

Retaining walls are also an attractive addition

Retaining walls are dual-purpose. They serve a functional purpose and work as a decorative feature. If you'd like to add a retaining wall for more decorative reasons, call us. We can install retaining walls to:

Highlight landscaping
Hold planters
Display exterior lighting
Shade your backyard

Retaining walls can add significant value to your home. If you'd like to install concrete walls on your property, reach out to us today.